About Me.


I have been working in the IT business since the mid 70s as software developer, network engineer, marketeer and overall trouble shooter.


I never had any art training at school or otherwise, so I can barely draw a straight line without tools. Interest in 3d graphics came to me in the mid 80s when applications like Bryce and Mojo World started to appear. Landscaping with mathematical formulas, that is what I could understand.


After a while the desire came to populate those worlds with people and so my interest in Poser was awoken. After familiarizing myself with that, I gradually became more and more Poser addicted.




In 2012 I bought the  beta version of Octane and have been using it ever since.


I was finally able to create the imagery I wanted. It also made me realize that there is more to art then just making plain renders and I became more interested in the technique of composing and telling a story.


I have been a beta tester for Poser since version 5 and had some influence on new features and bug fixes. I also provided assistance to Snarlygribbly on EZSkin, EZMat, EZDome and Particles 3+. I have been a tester of the Poser plugin since the beginning. I wrote the Octane Poser Plugin User Guide to share all the knowledge I have gained over time.