Welcome to my Site!


This is the place where I display my own 3D artwork the way I want it to be seen.


I try to tell stories or trigger emotions in my work. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not, but I am learning every day.

I have rendered thousands of scenes in the past 20 years and this is just a small selection, to which I will add more as time goes by.


Do I create my own models and props? No, I mostly use premade items and figures which I adapt to my taste (morphs, textures, materials) and compose it all to fit my vision.


Most of my artwork has been rendered in Poser with the Octane plugin and has no postwork applied. I have nothing against postwork, but it is a personal challenge I have set myself to not use it.


All artwork is made and owned by me. Do not distribute the images or derivatives thereof in any form.


Some artwork contains artistic nudity. Please leave if you do not wish to see these, are not allowed to see them or if this is not legal in your country.


Enjoy your visit!